February 2011

Picture from Wikipedia
Picture from Wikipedia

A few days ago, Libya decided to block certain websites, like for instance Facebook. However a little while later, there was decided this blockage wasn’t enough and Libya decided to cut itself off the Internet completely. So in Libya the entire Internet was blocked. In this country, the Internet is controlled by Libya Telecom & Technology, a Telecom company owned by the government. That’s why the government can perfectly decide on his own to cut off the Internet for the Libyan people.

Normally the landrush for domain names would have started today, February 22nd 2011. However Norid (.no registry) decided the eve of the landrush to screen coDNS, the company behind the extension once more. Norid decided to ask some extra questions. Due to this decision, coDNS needs to postpone the landrush for this extension. The landrush will now start on March 25th 2011.