Picture from Wikipedia
Picture from Wikipedia

A few days ago, Libya decided to block certain websites, like for instance Facebook. However a little while later, there was decided this blockage wasn’t enough and Libya decided to cut itself off the Internet completely. So in Libya the entire Internet was blocked. In this country, the Internet is controlled by Libya Telecom & Technology, a Telecom company owned by the government. That’s why the government can perfectly decide on his own to cut off the Internet for the Libyan people.

However .ly domain names can still be reached. 5 root servers are responsible for the .ly extension. 2 of these 5 servers are based in Libya, 2 in Oregon and 1 in the Netherlands. Only if those 5 servers are to be off line at the same time .ly domain names can’t be reached any longer.  Up until now, this problem doesn’t occur.

Meanwhile also ICANN is taking precautions. The next ICANN meeting, which will be held from June 19th until June 24th, has been moved from Jordan to Singapore.  ‘Giving the turmoil and daily changing situation in the Middle East, ICANN decided to move the meeting to Singapore,’ says the Board of ICANN. It’s very short notice to move such a meeting but Singapore has all the necessary technology and the infrastructure. More details about the meeting in Singapore will soon be released.


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