Normally the landrush for domain names would have started today, February 22nd 2011. However Norid (.no registry) decided the eve of the landrush to screen coDNS, the company behind the extension once more. Norid decided to ask some extra questions. Due to this decision, coDNS needs to postpone the landrush for this extension. The landrush will now start on March 25th 2011.

Although isn’t an official Norwegian extension, coDNS does need the approval of Norid before they can continue to register domain names. It is the owner of the domain name who has decided to start registering subdomains under this domain name. The Norwegian registry cleary states that when the owner of the name fails to fulfill his obligations to Norid, the domain name will be removed. This means that all subdomains under that name (and therefore all names) will be automatically removed. Moreover the name is listed as a ‘reserved .no domain name’. This means that the name can never be transferred to another owner. The current owner of is a Norwegian company which lends out this domain name to coDNS in the Netherlands. As this Norwegian company ceases to exist, it will be impossible for coDNS to keep the name (and all domain names) active.

Moreover we would also like to inform you that is already possible to register a Norwegian domain name under the .no extension. coDNS says this is very difficult since you need a local representative in Norway to be able to do so. However some companies offer local presence under the .no extension which makes direct registrations under this extension not completely impossible for foreign companies.


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