On February 3rd, we received a message from the .pro registry to inform us that in January 2011 the 100.000th .pro domain name was registered. Obviously the registry is very happy with this first important milestone.

In September 2008, the .pro domain was relaunched. The domain was made available for everybody and that’s clearly a very efficient policy. From then on, the amount of registrations kept rising and now the first 100.000 domain names are registered.

Compared to the other gTLD’s (generic extensions) the .pro domain name has still some catching up to do. The largest gTLD is the .com domain with over 89,5 million registrations. On the second place we find the .net extension with approximately 13,3 million registered domain names. The third and fourth place in the top 5 of gTLD’s are taken by respectively .org (8,7 million) and .info (7,1 million) registered domain names. .biz closes this top 5 with approximately 2 million registrations.

.pro is the ideal domain for everybody who’s offering professional services. Moreover it’s also very simple to register a .pro domain name. If you have a company, you can normally register a domain name under the .pro extension with any problem.


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