Today the second sunrise for 1 and 2 character .uk names, the ‘Unregistered Rigths Sunrise’ has started. This sunrise will end on March 16th 2011.

During this period both owners of a registered trade mark who missed the deadline of the previous sunrise and owners of ‘other rights’ (for instance a company name,…) can file an application to register a domain name. You still need to meet the following conditions:

  • the domain name you wish to register needs to match your registered trade mark or ‘other right’ exactly
  • your registered trademark or ‘other right’ needs to be valid in the UK
  • your registered trade mark or ‘other right’ needed to be active before January 1st 2008
  • you need to provide evidence of doing business in the UK before January 1st 2008 using this registered trade mark or ‘other right’

This sunrise phase will be followed by a landrush, probably in the course of April 2011. During this landrush everyone who wishes to do so can register a 1 or 2 character .uk name which hasn’t yet been registered during one of the previous sunrise periods.


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