October 2021


These were exciting times for EURid (.eu registry). The European Commission has launched a new tender for the management of the .eu extension. It is not the first time that the European Commission has launched a tender for the management of the .eu extension, but it is the first time that several candidates were in the running.

After the first round, 4 parties remained to take care of the management of the .eu domain:

  • European Network Information Center ASBL (EU NIC)
  • European Registry for Internet Domains, EURid vzw
  • The Open Registry ASBL (“TORA”)
  • Estonian Internet Foundation (Eesti Internet Sihtasutus – EIS)

One of these Luxembourg companies is linked to CentralNic. CentralNic (a British company) had to set up a new company within the European Union because of the Brexit, as this was a condition set by the European Commission.

After the second round, EURid emerged as the winner. They will now re-contract with the European Commission to continue managing the .eu extension until October 2027. EURid’s application highlighted all the achievements for .eu over the past 15 years (thanks to EURid’s management) as well as the future plans EURid still had for the .eu domain. That was clearly enough to convince the European Commission.

And so EURid can call itself a .eu registry until at least October 2027.

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