June 2021


Service is important and at bNamed we have been committed to high-quality support for years. That is why we would also like to introduce our newest employee to you: Raf De Kinder, the new customer service agent at bNamed.

Raf has recently joined the bNamed team. He has completed an intensive internal training during which he was fully initiated into the wonderful world of domain name registrations. He is therefore ready to answer all your questions regarding domain names, mailboxes and SSL certificates both by telephone and by e-mail.

The year 2020 was a challenge on many levels. Healthcare was under enormous pressure, our lives changed completely on a social level, lots of people were juggling with the combination of working from home and having children take (online) classes at home. In short, it was a particularly tough year for everyone.

However, after a difficult start in 2021, things are starting to look better. And if there’s one thing we learned in 2020, it’s who we can count on unconditionally. And let that be exactly what you can make very clear with a .sbs domain name. Whether it concerns your colleagues, your friends or family, with a name under the .sbs extension you make it clear that you are strong together.

At bNamed you can now register a .sbs domain name and also enjoy a nice promo. Side by side, strong together, show it to everyone with your .sbs domain name.

It took a while but the fitness centers can open again! After the miles of walking and cycling that everyone has already accomplished, everyone is more than ever looking forward to getting back to work.

In addition to starting back physically, it is also important to ensure that you appear fit online at the start. And that’s where the .fitness extension comes in. Give your website an extra boost with your own .fitness domain name. A clear extension, easy to remember, just a little different.

bNamed offers you the possibility to register your .fitness name and enjoy a nice promo. Moreover, a .fitness name also ensures a higher result in the search engines. So win win!

The .ею extension, the Cyrillic version of the .eu domain, is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Over the past five years, .ею 1,369 names have been registered, representing approximately 5% of the internationalised domain names (IDN) in EURid’s (.eu registry) portfolio.

The .ею extension appears to be the most popular in Bulgaria, with 51% of registered .ею names linked to a Bulgarian website.

‘To support online multilingualism, EURid is actively working to increase the use of IDNs,’ says Giovanni Seppia, registry manager of the .ею extension, among others. ‘The universal acceptance of these domain names implies that they can be used without problems in Internet browsers, e-mail and Internet applications,’  Seppia adds.

In addition to the Cyrillic .ею extension, EURid also manages another IDN extension, namely the Greek .ευ. Under this .ευ extension, 2,708 names have already been registered since the release of this extension in 2019.

Due to the growing importance of IDNs, EURid`s .eu Web Awards introduced a new category – ‘Best of .ею and .ευ’ – in 2021 to distinguish the most outstanding websites