June 3, 2021


The .ею extension, the Cyrillic version of the .eu domain, is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Over the past five years, .ею 1,369 names have been registered, representing approximately 5% of the internationalised domain names (IDN) in EURid’s (.eu registry) portfolio.

The .ею extension appears to be the most popular in Bulgaria, with 51% of registered .ею names linked to a Bulgarian website.

‘To support online multilingualism, EURid is actively working to increase the use of IDNs,’ says Giovanni Seppia, registry manager of the .ею extension, among others. ‘The universal acceptance of these domain names implies that they can be used without problems in Internet browsers, e-mail and Internet applications,’  Seppia adds.

In addition to the Cyrillic .ею extension, EURid also manages another IDN extension, namely the Greek .ευ. Under this .ευ extension, 2,708 names have already been registered since the release of this extension in 2019.

Due to the growing importance of IDNs, EURid`s .eu Web Awards introduced a new category – ‘Best of .ею and .ευ’ – in 2021 to distinguish the most outstanding websites