A day of relaxation, wellness, sauna, massage, everyone can enjoy it from time to time. So an own extension for the wellness industry isn’t that crazy. And the .spa domain was born.

However, the .spa extension is not limited to just wellness. Also residents and companies from Spa and companies under the Italian company form S.p.A. can register a .spa domain name.

The release of this extension takes place in 3 phases:

1) Sunrise: April 20, 2021 to May 20, 2021
During this sunrise, owners of a registered brand name can register their name under the .spa domain. The name must also be registered with the TradeMark ClearingHouse (TMCH). During the sunrise, a .spa domain name must be registered for 2 years.

2) Landrush: May 26, 2021 to June 24, 2021
During landrush, anyone who meets the conditions can register a name under .spa. The names are awarded on the basis of the first come, first served principle. You also pay a higher price during this period if you wish to register your name. This higher price normally only applies to the first year.

The following persons / companies can register a name under the .spa domain:

– You are professionally engaged in spa and wellness activities OR
– You live in Spa or you have a business in Spa OR
– You are an Italian company under the S.p.A. business form

Proof can be requested by the registry (company certificate, beauty or wellness certificate, proof of address, …).

3) General availabilty from July 1, 2021
From 1 July 2021, anyone who wishes to do so and who meets the conditions of the registry can register a .spa domain name at a fixed standard price.

The following persons / companies can register a name under the .spa domain:

– You are professionally engaged in spa and wellness activities OR
– You live in Spa or you have a business in Spa OR
– You are an Italian company under the S.p.A. business form

Proof can be requested by the registry (company certificate, beauty or wellness certificate, proof of address, …).

bNamed is happy to help you with the registration of your .spa domain name.

Traveling, on holiday abroad, dreaming away on pearly white beaches or an adventure in the mountains, that already been a while ago. And many people crave it more than ever. Discovering other cultures, away from everything and everyone, is guaranteed to be on many people’s to do list.

Let people dream away now with your most amazing travel stories. Or do you offer them the opportunity to book their dream trip through you? Then a .travel domain name is perfect for you. 

Have you got your own bed and breakfast? Do you offer day trips in your own country? Do you know the most beautiful places in the Ardennes or by the sea? A kids-proof walk or exploring your own city? Vacation in your own country, a so called staycation, has never been so popular. With a .travel name it is already clear that everyone can contact you.

It is the ideal time to register your .travel name. Moreover, you can now enjoy a nice promo at bNamed for every new .travel registration. What are you waiting for? Register your .travel domain name and start dreaming!

Lots of people nowadays have a tattoo. A tribute to a loved one, the name of your children, an unforgettable moment or a date? More and more people have this immortalized on their own bodies. Do you put fantastic tattoos? Do you translate the wishes of your customers perfectly into their dream tattoo? Then a .ink name is a fun way to make this clear to everyone.

However, a .ink domain name is not only intended for tattoo artists. Do you deliver flawless printing? As an artist, do you make beautiful sketches in Chinese ink? Or do you make refills for printers, fountain pens or ballpoint pens? These are all perfect reasons to register a .ink name.

Moreover, you can enjoy a nice promo at bNamed if you register a .ink name. Leave a permanent impression and register your .ink domain name now.

Web designers, graphic designers, architects, photographers, artists, artists, fashion designers, … they have one thing in common, they design. And what better way to make this clear to everyone than with a .design name?

With a .design domain name you stand out, you make it clear what you do and you assure yourself of a higher ranking in the search engines. So why wait any longer?

Moreover, you can register your .design domain quickly and easily via bNamed. And now you also enjoy a nice promotional price for your .design domain name.

An ideal moment to register your .design name and ensure that your design skills and creations do not go unnoticed.

In any professional or personal relationship you enter into, trust is needed. Whether it concerns a bank, a political party, a daycare center, a clothing brand, an internet provider, there is no cooperation without trust. In a rapidly changing economy, your customers and their trust in you are of vital importance. So showing that and especially why your company can be trusted is a good idea. And then a .trust domain name is the ideal tool.

If you have a registered trademark, you may already be eligible to register your .trust name. If you don’t have one, bNamed gives you the option to pre-register your .trust name. From April 28, 2021 we will try to register your .trust name.

By choosing .trust, you indicate that you can be trusted. Win the trust of your customers and register your .trust name!

Love, numerous songs have been sung about it, books and poems have been written about it, films have been made about it, research has been done and lots of discussions have taken place about it. A .love extension was inevitable.

Registering a .love domain name has been possible for a while, but now the registry also offers the possibility to register 2 and 3 character .love names.

Whether you want to set up a dating site, organize a Valentine’s Day promotion for your store, express your love for a certain hobby, write the most beautiful love songs or poems or put a declaration of love online to surprise that special someone, a .love domain name is perfect for doing so.

Everyone has an opinion about something. Whether you want to discuss politics, evaluate a product, look for the best restaurants or the nicest shops, talk to fellow sufferers or just want to find good advice for countless problems, you will find people everywhere who can and want to help you with this. A .forum domain name already puts you on the right track.

A .forum name can also provide added value for companies. Would you like to talk to your customers or have them assess your products? Then a .forum name can be a nice way to show your customers that their opinion matters.

In short .forum is the ideal extension to make it clear that everyone’s opinion matters.

You can register your .forum domain name without any problems via bNamed.

In the night of 9 to 10 March 2021, a data center where one of our name servers was running burned down completely. Fortunately, no one was injured and the fire has been extinguished since this morning. We wish all affected parties the best of luck.

Despite the severe fire and the associated technical problems, none of our customers experienced any inconvenience. We have been using our name servers continuously for a long time. Nameservers are more important than you think. They are the basis. If your nameservers stop working, nothing will work anymore. Nobody can find your website or domain name again. You are unreachable. And that’s very annoying to say the least. So you better ensure a solid foundation.

How did we anticipate?
To provide this solid foundation, we standard combine different name servers for all customers whose domain names are linked to our name servers. If one server were to go offline, the rest will continue to work and they will take over everything to keep your website running.

If you, as a customer of bNamed, use our name servers, then you combine different name servers anyway. This also includes two anycast setups with name servers all over the world. This way your customer will always receive a quick answer because there is always a name server nearby.

With our premium DNS solutions, you can also add reliability of name servers at Google, and name servers specifically designed to withstand DDoS attacks at the touch of a button.

The beauty industry was lavishly endowed with new extensions this week. Beauty salons can now register a .beauty name. Hairdressers can opt for a .hair domain name, make-up artists can recommend services with their own .makeup domain name and to complete the list, a .skin name is also possible.

Beauticians, hairdressers, stylists, dermatologists, companies dealing in cosmetics, skin or hair care products, tanning salons, beauty salons, they will all find something to their liking with a name under one of these extensions.

These new extensions are also important for influencers, bloggers and vloggers. Show your new haircut with a .hair name, share your skincare tips with a .skin domain name and share your make-up or beauty routine with a .makeup name or a .beauty domain name. You stand out with a playful name and you will also score higher in the search engines, so win, win.

Plenty of reasons to register a name under one of these extensions.

Every year thousands of people have a hard time accepting their sexual orientation, let alone making it known to the outside world. Via the .gay extension you already get the chance to do your coming-out in an original way. After all, everyone wants to be who he / she is. Without prejudice, without comment.

A .gay domain name makes a clear statement in that regard. It shows the entire online community who you are and that you are rightly proud of it. The .gay extension is also the domain of choice for the LBTBQ + community to show and express themselves online.

The .gay extension is also interesting for companies. Firstly, as a company, you make a strong statement when you register your .gay name. You show that your company supports the LGBTQ+ community. Secondly, you also support charities with it! 20% of the proceeds from each .gay registration is donated by the registry to charities that support the LGBTQ+ community. GLAAD and CenterLink stand up for the LGBTQ+ community and fight for more rights for this community.

You can register your .gay domain name quickly and easily via In addition, you now enjoy a nice promotional price for your .gay name.

The ideal moment to register your .gay name, make a clear statement and support good causes.