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.ad domains soon for everyone

The .ad registry (Andorra) has announced that the rules for the registration of .ad domain names will be significantly relaxed.
Currently, only owners of a registered trademark valid in Andorra or holders of a trade name valid in Andorra can register this name under the .ad domain. But this will soon change.

The .ad registry abolishes all the above rules, making it possible for everyone to register a name under the .ad extension. And although .ad is the official country extension of Andorra, it also brings great opportunities for anyone involved in ad(vertising)

This liberalization of the .ad domain will happen in 3 phases.

Transition period: from May 22 to September 4, 2024
During this period, owners of a brand name or trade name valid in Andorra will have priority to register this name under .ad. Residents of Andorra can also register their name under .ad. Registrations can only be made via an .ad registrar.

Landrush: from September 5 to October 16, 2024
Registrations for .ad names can now also be done via international registrars. If you have already registered your company name or trade name under another extension, you can now also register it under .ad.

General availability: October 22, 2024
From now on, anyone who wishes can register an .ad name.

May 2024