On May 30th 2020 the certificate of “AddTrust External CA Root” expired. This certificate was 20 years old and had been used by Comodo/Sectigo to sign the certificates they sold. While it had already been replaced a long time ago, it was still being included by Sectigo in the certificate chain, because it added support to old devices (like old Android systems) that didn’t know the new certificate yet.

The most common company type in Belgium is “BVBA” (which is similar to “LTD”). Due to changes in the Belgian law, this has  now officially become known as “BV”. Not many seem to have noticed and most companies still refer to themselves as “BVBA”. But especially for companies who included their company type in their website address, this could be an important name change.

The .be-registry (DNS Belgium) was, many years ago, one of the very first registries capable of instantly updating information in their nameservers. So if you registered a new domain name, it would instantly be ready to be found. Many other registries have, also until now, stuck to a system of putting updates in a queue and then publishing the new information every hour or every couple of hours. DNS Belgium is however now also the first registry to stop the instant updates and purposefully introduce a delay.

The .xxx-General Availability has been delayed for at least one hour because of a technical issue at the .xxx-registry. During a last-minute check, an amount of domain names that was actually requested during the sunrise or landrush was still being shown as available in the registry system while they should not be available for registration.

We’ll keep you updated once there is more news on this.

080111_ocoAt the start of this year, the American online retailer Overstock cut a deal with the .co-registry to get hold of the domain name They were allowed to register this fancy domain name in return of running an expensive promotion campaign for their new brand, which was supposed to also give the .co-extension more credibility. It looks like this has now backfired to both parties.

.РФThe Russian registry announced that the amount of registered .РФ domain names has just passed the milestone of 900.000 registrations. This new extension was introduced 11 months ago and is a Cyrillic representation of .ru. The “original” Latin-written version “.ru” still has almost 4 times as many domain names registered under it, but that probably shouldn’t come as a surprise as this TLD was already introduced almost two decades ago.