November 2022


Sunday 27 November is Science Day. And what could be better suited than a .science domain name to emphasize your love for science?

Scientists, universities, bloggers, physicists, ecologists, teachers, the .science extension fits them all.

Do you want to answer children’s science questions? Do you offer interactive science tests as a museum? Do you have the gift of explaining physics or chemistry clearly? Are you passionate about ecology, space or nuclear physics?

Then don’t hesitate any longer and share your passion with everyone via a .science domain name.

Registering a .science domain name can be done quickly and easily in just a few clicks.

Afnic, the registry that manages the .fr extension amongst others, will change the cost for the Syrelli procedure. The Syrelli procedure is Afnic’s version of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

The Syrelli procedure can be initiated when a company or individual believes that a third party is infringing their rights by registering a .fr domain name or by registering a French overseas domain name (.re, .pm, .tf, wf or .yt ).
Evidence of the violation of his/her rights must be provided by the claimant.
Once such a Syrelli proceeding is initiated, a special board of Afnic employees will meet to review the matter and make a ruling.

The cost to start a Syrelli procedure is € 250. This amount must be paid by the claimant, ie by the person who starts the procedure. If the Syrelli Board decides in favor of the claimant, the claimant has until now been able to submit an application within 3 months of this judgment to recover € 150 of this amount.

From January 1, 2023, this option will disappear and it will no longer be possible to request a refund. The reason for this is that Afnic is noticing a significant increase in Syrelli proceedings being initiated. Additional resources are needed to continue to guarantee that these procedures are handled correctly and in the shortest possible time.

That is why Afnic has chosen to stop the refund system rather than increase the overall cost of a Syrelli procedure. Despite this decision, the Syrelli procedure still remains affordable compared to other Alternative Dispute Resolutions where costs can amount to €1,500.

In addition, Afnic has also announced that in the course of 2023 they plan to set up a completely free mediation service that you can contact before starting a Syrelli procedure. In this way Afnic wants to commit itself to combat abuse by offering a range of accessible dispute resolution services. At the same time, they also want to improve the quality and the turnaround time of the statements.

From November 29, anyone who wishes to do so can register a .kids domain name. Obviously a .kids domain name may not be used for purposes that are not considered safe for children. This means that content related to pornography, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gambling and gross violence, among other things, is not allowed. The .kids registry monitors this strictly, but otherwise there are no restrictions to register a .kids domain name.

Children are the future, a huge cliché but a truism. An own extension for this target group was therefore inevitable. A .kids domain can be used for a lots of things.

Do you sell children’s clothing? Do you organize children’s camps or children’s parties? Are you committed to the mental well-being of children? Do you support children’s rights organizations? Can children come and play sports at your club? Do you have a toy store? Do you write children’s books or make TV shows for children? Do you have any great tips for kid-friendly menus? Or are you, as a parent, just very proud of your children? All perfect reasons to register a .kids domain name.

bNamed offers you the possibility to pre-register your .kids domain name now.

Would you like to register a .kids domain name before November 29th? That is also possible. Currently the .kids domain is in the pioneer sunrise. It ends on November 29. If you wish to register a name during the pioneer domain sunrise, you must submit a concise proposal (less than 200 words) confirming that the domain will adhere to the .kids guidelines. A domain name registered during the pioneer sunrise must be actively used within 60 working days.

As we reported earlier, the takeover by Elon Musk of Twitter clearly was the straw that broke the camel’s back and eventually caused an exodus of twitter-users towards Mastodon.

Mastodon is very much different from how Twitter works. Contrary to having one centralized system to control everything, Mastodon works via many independent nodes that magically interconnect to each other (just like the internet itself). Everybody can run and control their own Mastodon server.

This means that, just like having an e-mail address under your own domain name, you can also have a mastodon account under your own domain name.

Clearly: this is what we wanted and we wouldn’t settle for less!

First step: register our own address. We selected a .social domain name because this points out that it’s a social media account. And… hey: there’s a promo ongoing for the .social extension. But any domain name extension can be used. You can even create a sub-domain under your existing domain name and use that.

We then started looking for an existing provider that would allow us to connect our own domain name to their services.

Apparently it’s currently not possible to share a Mastodon server. The current version of the server software available, assumes you’ll have one domain name per server.

So no “shared hosting”. A dedicated instance is required if you want to use your own domain. This is an existing business model already offered by a couple of providers. Because we were looking for a solution at the peak of the exodus, some of the providers however were closed for new subscriptions. The remaining providers were, according to our feeling, either too expensive or didn’t offer the control we hoped to have.

This made us eager to get our hands dirty and actually run our own instance. has a nice overview of what is needed for this. But quickly we noticed almost every singly software used by Mastodon turned out to be a competing solution compared to what we were comfortable to work with. Maybe we didn’t want our hands to get this dirty after all.

Eventually we came about the possibility of installing Mastodon through Cloudron. So let’s dig in!

We rented a cheap Ubuntu 20.04 machine. Not the Linux distribution we’re used to work with, but we’re reasonably comfortable with it and eventually Cloudron will manage this for us.
Installing Cloudron is just three lines of code

chmod +x ./cloudron-setup

The installation will take some time. Once you have Cloudron on your server, Mastodon is just one click (and some more patience) away.

We’re now all ready and set with our own branded Mastodon account. So let’s meet at!

The takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk and the massive layoffs that followed is good news for the .social domain.

In a week’s time, more than 1000 .social domain names were registered. Out of dissatisfaction with the developments at Twitter, there are many quick switches to Mastodon. This can best be described as a new form of social media and a .social domain name is of course ideal for this new protocol.

Mastodon is not a company or platform, you can compare the principle of Mastodon with e-mail. Anyone can host Mastodon themselves and communicate seamlessly with all other Mastodon servers. bNamed can already be found on Mastodon.

Registering a .social domain name can be done quickly and easily in just a few minutes.

Last week the Irish registry took almost 1,500 .ie domain names offline. All names were used for fraudulent purposes.

The process was always the same: .ie names that had recently expired but were still linked to social media accounts were re-registered. Once this .ie domain name was active again, a password reset took place for the social media accounts, after which they were hijacked from the previous owner. These accounts were then used for fraudulent purposes.

A .ie registration involves a validation, but if you enter an address in Ireland, you already get pretty far. Once a contact has been validated by the Irish registry, it can also be easily reused for other registrations under the .ie extension.

The Irish registry will now be vigilant in scanning every new registration and reactivation of .ie domain names.