A .bank domain name is an incredible asset. After all, it guarantees your customers that you are an official bank and that you have successfully completed the strict verification process of the .bank registry.

The .bank registry will release 25 generic names on January 24, 2022. However, you can only register these names if you have gone through the .bank verification process. The names will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

If you are interested in one of these .bank names and if you qualify, please contact us via info@bnamed.net

We are happy to help you with the registration of your name and guide you through the procedure of the .bank registry.

Below is also an overview of the .bank names that will be released as of January 24, 2022:

– advantage.bank
– affinity.bank
– beneficial.bank
– capitol.bank
– charter.bank
– co-op.bank
– co-operative.bank
– coop.bank
– cooperative.bank
– county.bank
– equity.bank
– family.bank
– federated.bank
– independence.bank
– interstate.bank
– landmark.bank
– marine.bank
– mercantile.bank
– northeast.bank
– northern.bank
– preferred.bank
– security.bank
– shoreunited.bank
– universal.bank


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