Get your domain name

What if the domain name you want isn’t available for registration?

After much deliberation, you have found the right name for your company. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears you have devised the perfect online marketing campaign for a new product launch. In short, you are all set to get started. And then… it appears that the domain name has already been taken. Recognizable?

If this happens, you can certainly also contact bNamed. We are happy to use our expertise to help you. In this situation, our ‘Domain Buy Service’ can offer a possible solution.

What exactly does bNamed’s Domain Buy Service mean?
Very simple, through our Domain Buy Service we will try to get hold of the domain name you want. We will look for the owner of the domain name and ask if he/she is interested in selling the domain name. Of course you are the one who determines how much this name may ultimately cost you. We will then negotiate as a third party on that basis. In short, once again we strive to relieve you of any frets and worries!

What is the advantage of letting bNamed negotiate through our Domain Buy Service?
– First of all, everything is 100% anonymous. The current seller will not be informed by us who the ultimate buyer of the domain name is. And this can help bring the price down significantly.

– Secondly, we save you a lot of time. Since the new GDPR legislation, finding out who is the current owner of a domain name is often time-consuming. Once you have the data, it remains to be seen whether the current owner actually wishes to respond. We will look into everything for you, make various contact attempts and keep you closely informed.

– Thirdly, we now have more than 20 years of experience in the world of domain name registrations. So we can seriously throw in some expertise when it comes to (normal) cost prices for domain names.

– Finally, and quite importantly, we make sure that if the current owner agrees to a sale, it can be done safely through a recognized partner.

In short, through our Domain Buy Service we do everything we can to provide you with your desired domain name.

August 2021