In the night of 9 to 10 March 2021, a data center where one of our name servers was running burned down completely. Fortunately, no one was injured and the fire has been extinguished since this morning. We wish all affected parties the best of luck.

Despite the severe fire and the associated technical problems, none of our customers experienced any inconvenience. We have been using our name servers continuously for a long time. Nameservers are more important than you think. They are the basis. If your nameservers stop working, nothing will work anymore. Nobody can find your website or domain name again. You are unreachable. And that’s very annoying to say the least. So you better ensure a solid foundation.

How did we anticipate?
To provide this solid foundation, we standard combine different name servers for all customers whose domain names are linked to our name servers. If one server were to go offline, the rest will continue to work and they will take over everything to keep your website running.

If you, as a customer of bNamed, use our name servers, then you combine different name servers anyway. This also includes two anycast setups with name servers all over the world. This way your customer will always receive a quick answer because there is always a name server nearby.

With our premium DNS solutions, you can also add reliability of name servers at Google, and name servers specifically designed to withstand DDoS attacks at the touch of a button.


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