The beauty industry was lavishly endowed with new extensions this week. Beauty salons can now register a .beauty name. Hairdressers can opt for a .hair domain name, make-up artists can recommend services with their own .makeup domain name and to complete the list, a .skin name is also possible.

Beauticians, hairdressers, stylists, dermatologists, companies dealing in cosmetics, skin or hair care products, tanning salons, beauty salons, they will all find something to their liking with a name under one of these extensions.

These new extensions are also important for influencers, bloggers and vloggers. Show your new haircut with a .hair name, share your skincare tips with a .skin domain name and share your make-up or beauty routine with a .makeup name or a .beauty domain name. You stand out with a playful name and you will also score higher in the search engines, so win, win.

Plenty of reasons to register a name under one of these extensions.


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