Since 14 June 206 you can now opt for IDN characters in your Uruguayan domain name. NIC.uy is adding the Spanish IDN characters to the allowed characters for .uy, these are: á, é, í, ó, ú, ü and ñ.This adaptation will be happening in different steps. Between 14 June and 18 September only the owners of their equivalent .uy domain name will be having the chance to add these international characters to their domain name.

All other new requests for Spanish characters on .uy domain names will only be allowed from 19 September 2019.

At this stage it is only possible to add these characters to your second level .uy domain name, the third level domain names (.net.uy, .org.uy and .com.ut) will not be having this possibility.

We suspect this adaption will soon be added to third level domain names, but unfortunately we don’t have any news yet about this.

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