June 7, 2016


171px-ICANN.svgLast year in September, ICANN announced new rules that would need to be applied to updating the information of the owner of a gTLD domain name. This includes the new gTLD’s, but also .com, .net, .org,….  Previously there were no rules at all regarding updates to the owner information of such a domain name. This new ICANN Transfer Policy however is more strict than what most country code registries enforce.

The new procedures should have gone into effect the first of August 2016. But after “feedback from the community”, ICANN changed some wording and removed a clear error in the procedure. And because of this, delayed the enforcement for 5 months, until December 2016. Regretfully the actual proposed procedure has not been tampered with.

Afilias_GREENThe registry behind .green has decided to change the pricing of their premium domain names. Just like many other new gTLD’s, the .green registry had at the time of launch marked a large amount of domain names as “premium” names, with a premium price-tag. They now announced that 16000 of those premium domain names will be available at normal retail price from July 6’th onwards. This will mean that many domain names which would now set you back around € 1000, will only cost around € 75 per year.