As you probably already know, it will soon become possible to register your personalised TLD. CentralNic decided to go one step further and now offers such TLD’s to the rich and famous, as an exclusive toy in the form of their own .FamilyName.

CentralNic offers a privileged  few the possibility to register their own family name exclusively as an extension. They hereby think of the Hilton, Rockefeller, Rotschild,… family. CentralNic also indicates that such extension can be used in several ways:

  • It can be a possibility to create a family network. A discrete way to exchange information between family members
  • The extension can also be used as a public information source for everything that has got something to do with your family
  • It can be a way to create a band with and a legacy for future family generations
  • The extension can also be considered as a security system for your personal reputation, you’re the one who controls the info which appears on this page

One of the things which were already known about registering your personalized extension, is that it would be an expensive affair. CentralNic now promotes this cost as an advantage pointing out that because it is expensive, it also is very exclusive. You’ll be a member of a select club rich enough to register their own family name as a TLD.


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