September 2011


eurid1The .eu-registry has announced that they will be releasing almost 9.000 .eu domain names which where originally registered in bath faith during the .eu launch in 2006. A large amount of .eu domain names where originally registered in 2006 by domain name warehousers and cybersquatters. While the registry had rules in place that for example forbid direct .eu-registrars to warehouse domain names themselves, it was soon clear that these rules where easy to break. For example by setting up two entities, one that got accredited as .eu-registry and an other one that would be the warehousing client.

xxx1Internet porn has a bad reputation of being a breeding ground for viruses and other insecurities. Next to a couple of other goals (like differentiating porn content from other content), the .xxx-registry “ICM” wanted to create a safe place on the internet that offered porn. A place where you wouldn’t need to worry about your credit card information to be stolen or your computer to be infected by a virus. One of their efforts to achieve this was a deal with McAfee which would scan every single .xxx website on a daily basis for viruses and other security problems. Even before the official start of .xxx, it looks like ICM will not be able to create such a safe place.