July 2009


Tomorrow the final phase in the release of the .cm extension begins, the so-called go-live. This phase was preceded by the sunrise and the landrush. Both phases were a hugh success and many .cm names were registered. Unfortunately, this extension also seems to be a playground for cybersquatters who consider the .cm domain as a great alternative for the .com extension. Therefore it is advisable to register your .com name under the .cm extension in order to protect it against cybersquatting.

Third phase: Go-live
The go-live begins on August 1st. During this phase, everyone who wishes to do so, can register a name under the .cm extension. Names can now be registered per year. During the go-live applications will be treated on a first come, first served basis.

Tomorrow the second phase in the release of the .mx domain will begin, the so-called quiet periode. This period starts on August 1st and ends on August 31st. During this phase the .mx registry will  check the applications which were made during the grandfathering period. They will verify that the person who submitted the application is really entitled to the name and if there aren’t two applications for the same name. Normally, after the quiet period, anyone who filed application for a .mx name during the grandfathering period should know whether he / she gets the name.

The quiet period will be followed by the initial registration period. This will start on September 1st  and runs until October 31st. However, during the quiet period, there is already the possibility to pre-register a .mx name for the initial registration period. These pre-registrations will be treated by the .mx registry from September 1st. During the initial registration period, anyone who wishes to do so, can register a .mx name and the applications will be treated on a first come, first served basis.

However, there’s one important thing you should take into account. During the initial registration period two different prices will be used by the .mx registry. The price of a .mx name requested on September 1st will be significantly higher than an application that only happens on September 2nd. This is also important to know if you want to pre-register your name during the quiet period. All applications made during the quiet period will be sent to the registry from September 1st and are therefore subject to the initial higher first day fee. After the first day, the price will decrease periodically until 31 October 2009.So you should ask yourself the question how important the .mx name you want, is for you. If you pre-register your name during the quiet period, you’ll pay more but if you wait until September 2nd you need to be willing to take the risk that someone else has already registered the name as the first come, first served principle applies.

The Dutch OPTA (Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority) has imposed a Dutch ‘persistent spammer’ a fine of €250,000. This penalty is divided into 2 parts: €150,000 for sending spam e-mails and €100,000 for not sending a link to unsubscribe. Furthermore, a penalty of €5,000 per day is claimed for each day he continues to send spam e-mails. This amount may even reach a maximum of €100,000.

The spammer is called Reinier Schenkhuizen. According to OPTA, the man has sent at least 21 million spam emails. In 2005, he already received a warning from OPTA about sending spam. He didn’t pay any attention to this warning and therefore, OPTA was now forced to impose a fine.

The mails that he sent, contained advertising for the website of Serinco Benelux, a sole business. The mails were sent via the Internet Promo Service of Serinco, an e-mail service that makes sure many e-mails can be sent simultaneously.

OPTA considers it normal that they  have imposed a high penalty to Reineir Schenkhuizen. ‘Mr. Schenkhuizen already received a warning in 2005 but just went on by sending spam e-mails,’  says OPTA. ‘Furthermore, Mr. Schenkhuizen has sent e-mails for almost 5 years, which is a very long period. During this period 397 complaints were filed against him. We’ve considered all these factors in our decision,’ concludes OPTA.

The release of the .cm domain (Cameroon) started half June. Right now, the landrush for this extension is taking place. Up until now, the .cm extension seems to be very successfull. The bad news is that this success is partially caused by cybersquatting.

According to cybersquatters, .cm is a great alternative for .com names. Most people type fast, especially when they’re typing a well-known domain name. But if you type fast, you also make little mistakes. And that’s where .cm enters. The error between .cm and .com is easily made and cybersquatters want to be benefit from this. And it seems to work. The name has already been registered and receives approximately 20.000 hits a day! Conclusion: .cm is one big playground for cybersquatters.

Therefore companies are adviced to register their .cm name rather quickly in order to avoid all problems with cybersquatters.

You can read the entire article about how interesting the .cm extension is for cybersquatters right here.

vlagkameroenTomorrow the landrush for the .cm extension (Cameroon) begins. The landrush will end on July 31st. The first phase of the release of this extension, the so-called sunrise, was a major success since lots of people saw .cm as a nice alternative for a .com name. The second phase, the landrush starts tomorrow. The landrush will be followed by the go-live.

Second phase: landrush
The phase starts on July 15th and ends on July 31st. During the landrush, everyone who wishes to do so, can register a domain name under the .cm extension. Names need to be registered for 2 years.
In case there is more than one application per domain, the domain will go into an auction system. The auctions will be held shortly after the end of the landrush period.

Third phase: Go-live
The go-live begins on August 1st. During this phase, everyone who wishes to do so, can register a name under the .cm extension. Names can now be registered per year. During the go-live applications will be treated on a first come, first served basis.

Russia is an expanding country. So right now is an ideal moment to enter the Russian market. And you can do this through a .ru domain name.

To help you, bNamed offers .ru names for only €10 until July 31st. We hereby also send you the promotion code you need to enjoy this price: RUJU10

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The past few days we again received messages from several of our clients telling us they’ve received invoices from Domain Renewal Group asking them to renew their .com or .net name. Don’t pay any attentions to those invoices! This letter tries to mislead you. This letter says you need to pay them to renew your domain name but once you’ve paid you’ve also transferred your domain name to them.

If you receive any requests regarding your domain name, we advice you to contact your current domain name registrar since they will be able to tell you what is real and what isn’t.

A few months ago, this site already warned you for letters of this group. Here you can read the entire article.

vlagfinland3bNamed now also offers local presence in Finland. Thanks to this local presence .fi domain name registrations become possible. To register a .fi domain, you still need to meet another condition. You need to own a trademark registered in Finland. So people  with a trademark registered in Europe will also be able to register a .fi domain name. A .fi name also needs to be registered for at least 3 years.

Finland is already the 36st country in which bNamed is offering local presence next to Norway, Argentina, Singapore, Indonesia,…