August 2009


A survey carried out by (the .be registry), shows that right now there are more than 600,000 Belgian website online, 605,067 to be exact. This means that 7 out of 10 .be domain name holders use there .be domain name. ‘We’re very pleased that 7 out of 10 .be names is linked to a website. This means that a .be domain name isn’t a gadget anymore. It’s an important communication tool both for companies as well as individuals’, says Hans Seeuws, spokesman of

Some other results of the study: 43% of all .be website contains only one page. 27% of all .be domain names consist of more pages. 16% of all .be domain names isn’t linked to a website. However, this doesn’t mean these .be names aren’t used since a .be name can also be used to create a personal email address.

You can check all the result of the survey right here

A survey of BizCommunity shows that the South African extension,  is responisble for 60% of all domain name registrations on the African continent. The other 57 countries, are responsible for the remaining 40% of the registrations. The South African domain seems to be the domain of choice, when someone decides to register an African domain name.

However if we take a look at the global domain name registrations, we notice that Africa isn’t doing well. Of the 108 million names registered worldwide, less than 1 million are African domain names, 820,273 to be exact. Of these 820,273 African domains, South Africa is responsible for 492,264 registrations.

You can read the full article of BizCommunity here.

bNamed has lowered the price for the .cd domain with approximately 50%. You can find the new prices on our website. So go have a look! This reduction was possible because bNamed became an official .cd registrar and cn register .cd names directly through the registry now.

Right now, bNamed is an official .be, .nl, eu, .lu, .fr,, .it, .ro and .cd registrar. For the gTLD’s bNamed also became an ICANN Accredited Registrar. Moreover we provide every single extension through a large network of local partners.

The go-live for the .cm extension (Cameroon) has been delayed. The go-live would normally have started on August 1st but due to technical problems with the .cm registry, the go-live has been delayed until August 26th.

The go-live is the last phase in the release of the .cm extension. During this phase, everyone who wishes to do so, can register a .cm domain name. Names can also be registered per year during the go-live.

The ICANN Accreditation of bNamed is a fact. bNamed is the first ICANN Accredited Registrar in Belgium. This accreditation is a recognition of ICANN for bNamed. Through this recognition ICANN shows that, after a full review of bNamed, they’ve decided that they bNamed is a reliable registrar who has sufficient knowledge and expertise to provide gTLDs directly.

From now on, bNamed doesn’t need to work through an intermediary anymore to offer the generic extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .tel, .jobs,… Thanks to this accreditation, bNamed now can directly offer all generic extensions, which will obviously boost our flexibility.

‘bNamed can decide what the Whois information for these general extensions will look. This is especially important for our resellers,’ says Bart Mortelmans, managing director of bNamed. ‘ Their own name will appear in the Whois, not the name of their registrar. Moreover, we will be able to decide what transfer mails will look like and we can allow transfers via both Dutch and French fax paperwork. Previously, this paperwork was only available in English as this was controlled in America. So thansk to this accreditation, we can better meet the needs and wishes of our customers,’ adds Bart Mortelmans.

Of course this accreditation also means we’ll have a nice growth possibility. ‘We are committed to offering any extension. For this we cooperate with a large network of local partners. Moreover, we have already subscribed to various registries from certain country extensions so we can offer them directly,’ says Bart Mortelmans. ‘ We’re already an official .be, .nl, .lu, .eu, .fr,, .it, .ro and .cd agent. An ICANN Accreditation seemed the logical next step. We have questioned ourselves how we would to do this but we have decided to go through the entire process to be ICANN Accredited. And now we are! A nice extra is that we’re the first Belgian company that becomes ICANN  Accredited,’ tells an enthousiastic Bart Mortelmans.

bNamed is a Belgian company specialised in registering national and international extensions. Domain names are their core business and they have 10 years of knowledge and expertise within this market. With this expertise they are capable to offer any extension. This ICANN Accreditation is a nice way to celebrate their 10th birthday!

ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This organization manages the allocation of domain names and IP addresses through the various registries. In short, ICANN is the organization which manage all Internet-related things. ICANN is so appointed by the Department of Economics.