After about 5 years of bickering behind the scenes and over 3 years after the first new gTLD’s went live, .africa is finally ready to launch. It took so long before the launch was possible because there were two applicants for this TLD. Both claimed to have support from African countries, but reasonably soon it became clear that the bid coming from the registry also running (ZACR) was the more sound bid.

2000px-.bv_logo.svgAbout two years ago we reported that the Dutch registry might be allowed to run the .bv domain name extension. This actually is the country code of the Bouvet Island,  but since this is a completely inhabited island, the domain name extension has never been taken into active use. With Bouvet Island being a dependency of Norway, the Norwegian registry NORID is responsible for the .bv extension. Because there is no local market for .bv, they had been negotiating with the Dutch registry SIDN about handing over .bv management to them. “BV” in Dutch is the same as for example “Ltd” in English or “GmbH” in German.

Old habits die hard. And that clearly is true for what people are used to in the domain name market. While 100’s of new extensions have been launched the past few years, most people stick to what they know. There is some clear proof of this with the .uk extension. This was launched two years ago as the replacement for Nominet, the registry behind both and .uk, put everything into place so that owners of a domain name would be able to make a smooth transition towards .uk. Two years later, it turns out that hardly anybody has actually made the switch.

niclogoNIC-malta, the registry managing the .mt domain name space, has announced that they plan to allow domain name registrations directly under the 2nd level for .mt in the near future (exact timing is not known yet). Currently only registrations on the 3rd level, under for example and, are possible.

The launch procedure would be somewhat similar to that of 2nd level .uk registrations two years ago. Just like with .uk, the .mt domain name corresponding to an active or domain name will be reserved for the owner of the 3d level domain name. The reservation remains for a 3 year period and it would actually be free of charge to already activate such a reserved .mt domain name during that period.

171px-ICANN.svgLast year in September, ICANN announced new rules that would need to be applied to updating the information of the owner of a gTLD domain name. This includes the new gTLD’s, but also .com, .net, .org,….  Previously there were no rules at all regarding updates to the owner information of such a domain name. This new ICANN Transfer Policy however is more strict than what most country code registries enforce.

The new procedures should have gone into effect the first of August 2016. But after “feedback from the community”, ICANN changed some wording and removed a clear error in the procedure. And because of this, delayed the enforcement for 5 months, until December 2016. Regretfully the actual proposed procedure has not been tampered with.

Afilias_GREENThe registry behind .green has decided to change the pricing of their premium domain names. Just like many other new gTLD’s, the .green registry had at the time of launch marked a large amount of domain names as “premium” names, with a premium price-tag. They now announced that 16000 of those premium domain names will be available at normal retail price from July 6’th onwards. This will mean that many domain names which would now set you back around € 1000, will only cost around € 75 per year.

WordPress_blue_logo.svgThe .blog TLD had been requested by 9 registries, amongst them big names like Google, Donuts, Minds and Machines and Afilias. To determine who would be allowed to actually run this TLD, an auction was held last February. The company with the winning bid was “Primer Nival S.A.” from Panama. A company nobody had heard of before. They paid “about $19 million” for the right to run .blog.

CentralnicFor about two decades CentralNic has been known as the registry operator of alternative extensions like, or Since the launch of the new gTLD’s, CentralNic jumped also on that bandwagon and now is one of the larger back-end providers for such new gTLD’s. Apparently they have decided to focus only on the more lucrative extensions and they will be sunsetting 8 of their less popular SLD’s: .AR.COM, .GB.COM, .HU.COM, .KR.COM, .QC.COM, .NO.COM, .SE.COM, and .UY.COM.


Currently domain names under the Australian TLD .au can only be registered on the so called 3’d level. Such a domain name then ends in for example, or The Australian registry has now officially declared that they will allow direct .au registration in the foreseeable future. Recently also the UK dropped “.co” from “” and other countries like New Zeeland and Botswana, who just like Australia happen to have a history linked to the UK, did the same thing.

virusWe have received several reports from clients who had received an e-mail claiming their domain name to be suspended. It looks like not just our clients are being targeted, as we are seeing other registrars sending out similar warnings.

The e-mail seems to come from the abuse contact in the public whois of your domain name (something like for example), but is actually sent by spammers who try to send you a virus.