November 19, 2021


With the release of the .xxx extension in 2011, the .xxx registry offered the option to block your registered trademark under the .xxx extension for a period of 10 years, the so-called sunriseB for .xxx names.
In this way unpleasant surprises could be avoided. You didn’t have to actively use your name under the .xxx domain and no one else could register your name under .xxx. However, this 10-year period will soon come to an end and unfortunately it isn’t possible to extend this block under .xxx.

If you still want to protect your names under .xxx, you have a number of options:

1) AdultBlock and AdultBlock+
Since the number of extensions related to the adult entertainment industry has expanded somewhat compared to 2011 with the arrival of the .adult, .porn and .sex domains, the registry decided to create these 2 blocks.

The AdultBlock allows owners of an (un)registered brand name, company name and sunriseB .xxx name to protect their name under .xxx, .adult, .porn and .sex (unless someone else has already registered your name under one of these extensions before). has). Celebrities and politicians can also protect their names in this way.

The AdultBlock+ goes a few steps further and allows you to protect your registered trademark or sunriseB .xxx name and numerous variations of it under .xxx, .adult, .porn and .sex. The variations must meet strict conditions. For example, for “bank” you would also get bânk, bänk, bànk,…. Letters in another script (Cyrillic, Greek,…) that resemble letters in Latin script are also protected.

2) Register name under .xxx
If you do not want to activate the AdultBlock or AdultBlock+ for your name, but you still want to protect your name under .xxx, this is also an option. However, you must first cancel your name and then you can register it again under .xxx.
If you do this, your name will become available again for registration, which of course also means that anyone who wishes can register your name based on the first come, first served principle. This option doesn’t guarantee that your name will actually remain yours.

3) Do nothing
Obviously you aren’t obliged to activate an AdultBlock or AdultBlock+ for your names or to register your name under .xxx. You can also just drop your name. It will then become available again for registration and from then on anyone who wishes to do so can register your name under .xxx.

bNamed is happy to help you with the activation of your AdultBlock or AdultBlock+ as well as with your .xxx domain name registration.