December 2011


The .be registry has carried out a survey to dropcatching within the .be domain. Dropcatching is the re-registering of an expired domain name the second that domain name becomes available for registration. The most striking result was that dropcatching of .be domain names is rising rapidly. While in 2009 and 2010 less than 5% of the expired domain names were registered again by a dropcatcher, in 2011 this amount has more than doubled to over 10%.

The .xxx-General Availability has been delayed for at least one hour because of a technical issue at the .xxx-registry. During a last-minute check, an amount of domain names that was actually requested during the sunrise or landrush was still being shown as available in the registry system while they should not be available for registration.

We’ll keep you updated once there is more news on this.