On July 20th 2010 the ‘go-live’ for .co domain names (Colombia) began. Now, after 1 year, records show that 66% of all names that were registered back then, were also renewed.

Approximately 2/3 of all registered .co names was renewed. The .co registry is very pleased with this renewal rate. Moreover the registry is also very happy with that the .co extension is very well-known. Already over 1 million names were registered in over 200 countries.

Regarding renewals, the second year is the most interesting since after the first year much more names aren’t renewed than after the second or third year. The reason is that people often register a domain name of which they expect very much. If the name can’t meet these expectations after one year then the name is deleted. The longer someone owns a domain name, the smaller the chance the name will be deleted. So we’ll have to wait and see how many percent of .co domain names will be renewed next year.


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