Since yesterday, June 14th 2011, has changed the transfer procedure for .be domain names. The registry has made this change to simplify a transfer or ownerchange for a .be name.

The change implies that from now on, there’s no longer a difference between a transfer (change of registrar) and a trade (ownerchange). Once the transfer or trade is launched will send an email with a code to the current owner. This mail contains a link via which the current owner can send the code to the registrar. Once the registrar has received this code, the transfer or trade will be completed. No extra emails will be send. If an ownerchange is launched, the new owner will no longer receive an email from the registry to approve this trade.

The transfer or trade will be completed immediately once the registrar has received the code. Transfers or trades which were launched before June 14th via the old procedure can be completed until June 28th 2011.


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