September 2010


Since September 24th 2010 manages the domain names of They’ve decided to end their domain name activities and they were looking for a trustworthy partner to take over their portfolio. Partly thanks to years of fruitful cooperation AllDomainRegistrar has chosen to transfer all their existing domain names to.

‘We chose because they’ve been a valued partner of us for many years with whom we’ve always cooperated very smoothly, ‘ says AllDomainRegistrar. ‘We’ve never faced any problems with all the registrations we did via them and all our questions were answered accurately and professionally. Therefore we trust our portfolio to with complete confidence,’ adds AllDomainRegistrar. is very pleased to welcome the customers of AllDomainRegistrar and is looking forward to a pleasant and professional collaboration.

A few days ago, we already posted a message telling you that the .so registry (Somalia) was planning a relaunch of the .so extension during the fall of 2010. The relaunch would happen in 3 phases. We now have some more information:

– 1/11/2010 – 30/11/2010: sunrise
– 1/12/2010 – 15/12/2010: auction of sunrise names
– 16/12/2010 – 9/2/2011: landrush
– 10/2/2011 – 28/2/2011: auction of landrush names
– 1/3/2011: open registrations

During the sunrise a domain name needs to be registered per 3 years, during the landrush and open registrations, a so domain name can be registered per year.

During the sunrise, owners of a registered trademark will get the chance to register the exact same name under the .so domain. If 2 or more persons apply for the same name, the domain name will be sold during an auction after the sunrise. Only the persons who filed an application can participate at this auction.

During the landrush, everyone who wishes to do so can register a domain name under the .so extension. Probably 2 or more people will apply for certain domain names during this phase. If so, those names will be sold during an auction after the landrush.

On March 1st, the open registrations will start. From then on, applications will be treated on a first come, first served basis.