August 2010


The Somalian registry plans a relaunch of the so domain during the autumn of 2010. The .so-extension was already released in August 1997 but the registry decided to end registrations at the end of 1998 after a series of technical problems. However, now a relaunch of this extension has been announced. The relaunch would start with a sunrise during the autumn of 2010. During this sunrise, owners of a registered trademark will be given the chance to register the exact same name under the .so-extension. The sunrise will be followed by a landrush and the general availability.

At the moment, there’s no more information about exact data, prices or possible restrictions to register a .so domain name. Once we’ve received more info, we’ll keep you posted.

In fact the .so extension is the countrycode extension for Somalia but of course, it also offers a nice possibilty to register an original domain name. We’re already looking forward to the first who’ll register, or (the Maleysian registry) plans the introduction of IDN domain names during the 4th quarter of 2010. At the moment, IDN domain names are being registered in a testing environment in 3 languages, Chinese, Jawi and Tamil. During the course of the 4th quarter, it would become possible for anyone to register a .my IDN domain name.

Internationalised Domain Names, the so called IDN names, are domain names which also contains non Latin characters. By introducing IDN, the .my extension is added to the list of extensions which offer IDN domain names. This list is getting longer and contains amongst others .lu, .eu and .com for some time now.

On August 18th 2010 around 12pm, the 4 millionth .nl domain name was registered. The domain name,, was registered by Tom ten Heerdt from Didam. SIDN (.nl registry) is very pleased with this 4 millionth registration.

With those 4 million registrations, the .nl extension is doing a very good job. There are only more names registered under the .de, .uk and .cn domain, which makes the .nl extension the 4th largest country extension worldwide. Considering the fact that the Netherlands count 16 million inhabitants, this means that 1 out of 4 Dutchmen has registered a .nl domain name. This makes The Netherlands the country with the highest domain name density.