January 2009


Since September 2008, there has been a five-fold increase in .pro names registrations. Since September a new policy came into force which makes it easier for everybody to register a .pro name. This new policy is clearly very efficient.

‘We made .Pro available to tens of millions of professionals and entities worldwide,’ said Catherine Sigmar, general manager of RegistryPro. ‘ And the results are really amazing.’

.pro is the extension for everyone who offers professional services.

There has been launched a proposal to release a new extension .music. This extension is aiming to give musicians, artists, bands, record companies,… a clear identity on the net. This is also an extension which makes immediately clear what the website will be about.

Not only professional musicians could use this extension, also bars, clubs and anybody who has something to do with music could use this extension.

If you want to support this extension, you can sign the petition at

As we reported earlier on this site, the court of Kentucky has made a final decision about the 141 seized domains related to online gambling. The ruling was to the detriment of the governement of Kentucky who had seized the domain names.

However the governor of Kentucky, Steve Beshear, doesn’t agree with the ruling and is going to appeal the decision. ‘The Commonwealth will continue its action to protect Kentucky citizens from illegal internet gambling operations and appeal the recent Court of Appeals ruling to the state Supreme Court,” says Beshaer.

“The evidence demonstrated that illegal and unregulated activity is occurring in Kentucky and that millions of dollars are being lost as a result of that activity,” adds Beshear.

The Supreme Court will have to re-examine the ruling.

dotMobi, the registry for .mobi domain names, considers the idea to release 1 and 2 characters domains. Until now, nobody already knows a lot about it. Fact is that it will be impossible to register domain names which contain a country extension. So registering isn’t an option. Here you can find a list of all 246 protected country extensions.

The price for such a domain name is still unknown. What will happen when there are different applications for the same domain name isn’t clear yet.

If you would be interested in a 1 or 2 character .mobi name, mail to

200901230948573371A while ago, we already told you that you should beware of letters from Domain Renewal Group (DRG). This now applies also for letters from Network Media Group. However, they even go a bit further.

DRG sent you a letter in which they told you, you had to pay them to renew certain domain names. If you had a closer look at the letter then you could notice in small print that you were transferring your domain name to them. NMG sends you a reminder in which they try to sell you domain names which look like your current domain name. No small print here, so it looks like you’re dealing with an unpaid invoice. So they act in a more brutal way than DRG. Therefore we strongly advise you to ignore the reminders of NMG.

If you receive any requests regarding your domain name, we advice you to contact your current domain name registrar since they will be able to tell you what is real and what isn’t.

The day before yesterday, non-executive director Jim Davies, quit his job at Nominet. This didn’t happen without a fuss. According to Nominet, Davies, who was elected by the Nominet members in May 2008, made a number a false allegations in his resignation letter towards Bob Gilbert, Nominet’s Chairman, and Lesley Cowley, Nominet’s CEO. Jim Davies himself claims he didn’t say anything false.

Nominet, however, isn’t happy at all with the statements of Davies and they pressed charges against him today. They also deny every allegation Davies expressed.

The sunrise period for domain starts Tuesday February 10th and ends Thursday February 26th. During this sunrise every holder of a registered trademark can register this mark under domain. There is however one condition to which you need to meet and you need to be willing to submit the following information:

  1. The domain name you want to register needs to be exactly the same as the trademark you registered
  2. You must tell your registration number
  3. You need to let them know which registration locality you used
  4. If your not the trademark holder of the name you want to register, you will have to apply as assignee and indicate the link between you and the trademark holder

Domain names that are registered during the sunrise period will automatically be renewed for free for the first ten years if they link towards an active website. If you only register a domain name to protect your trademark and the name doesn’t link towards an active website, you’ll need to pay an annual fee to renew your domain name.

The number of .be names has risen with almost 17% in 2008. At the end of 2008, there were 859,474 domain names registered with That’s an increase of 16.7% compared with 2007, when there were 736,498 domain names registered.

‘Although there’s a growth in .be registrations the net growth is not as high as the previous years. Growth in the overall number of domain names was 16.7%, which is somewhat lower than in 2007 when there were 22% more domain names compared with 2006’, says Marc Van Wesemael, director of

Although the net growth was a bit lower then last year, the overall number of new registrations rose. In 2008, there were 222,915 new .be names registered, which is 15% more than in 2007.

You can read the complete press release of here.

Last year the government of Kentucky seized 141 domain names related to online gambling. You can read the whole article about the seizure here.

Now the court has made a final ruling. There was decided that the government of Kentucky doesn’t have jurisdiction over domain names because domain names are not “gambling devices” as prohibited by the Kentucky statute.

This is a good and a bad decision. It’s good because the owners of the seized domain names get their names back. It’s also a bad decision because the ruling only talks about the state of Kentucky.  Questions such as: ‘Are domain names subject to state jurisdiction? Can domain registrars located outside a state are  still be subject to that state’s jurisdiction? Can a registrant located outside a state still be subject to that state’s jurisdiction?’ remained unanswered.

You can read the court decision here.

The French government has called for tenders from organisations interested in becoming the central .fr registry for the next 7 years. At the moment AFNIC is the central registry but apparently the French government wants everbody to take a shot.

The call for tenders is a complete surprise. No one even ever considered the possibility that AFNIC might be replaced by another organisation as central .fr registry.

Organisations interested in becoming the next central .fr registry can submit their tender until March 8th 2009. If they want extar information, they have until February 9th to ask their to the government. The government will answer all the questions and the answers will be made public on the site:

You can read the call for tenders of the French government here.