200901230948573371A while ago, we already told you that you should beware of letters from Domain Renewal Group (DRG). This now applies also for letters from Network Media Group. However, they even go a bit further.

DRG sent you a letter in which they told you, you had to pay them to renew certain domain names. If you had a closer look at the letter then you could notice in small print that you were transferring your domain name to them. NMG sends you a reminder in which they try to sell you domain names which look like your current domain name. No small print here, so it looks like you’re dealing with an unpaid invoice. So they act in a more brutal way than DRG. Therefore we strongly advise you to ignore the reminders of NMG.

If you receive any requests regarding your domain name, we advice you to contact your current domain name registrar since they will be able to tell you what is real and what isn’t.