October 2023


Halloween is coming again. This party gains popularity every year. Are you thinking about organizing a fun Halloween promotion for your customers? Then stand out even more with a .monster domain name. Or give your customers some extra chills with a .boo domain name.

Does your restaurant have a special Halloween menu? Do you organize custom Halloween themed children’s parties? Do you know the best Halloween recipes? Or do you want to set up a real trick or treating trip? Then a domain name under the .monster extension is a handy tool to generate extra attention for this. With a name under the .boo extension you also make sure to stand out in a scary way.

Registering a .monster domain name can be done quickly and easily. Registering a .boo domain name can also be done with just a few simple clicks.

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Nominet ( registry) has taken over the management of the .pn domain (Pitcairn Islands).

There are currently fewer than 1,000 .pn domain names registered, which is not too surprising since the Pitcairn Islands have fewer than 50 inhabitants.
The most famous use of the .pn domain so far was by the makers of the Hunger Games films to represent Panem.

Nominet is determined to change this. The registry wants to take the .pn extension to the next level by implementing EPP and DNSSEC in the hope of making the .pn domain more accessible to many registrars.