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SIDN prohibits Whois Privacy

From 1 October, the SIDN (.nl registry) will no longer allow a .nl domain name to be registered in the name of a third party. From then on, a .nl name can only be registered in the name of the actual owner of the domain name and no longer in the name of the registrar, reseller or proxy service.

The SIDN cites several reasons for this: “If the domain name is registered in the name of an individual person, this data are no longer shown in the WhoIs since 2010,” according to SIDN. “Therefore, the need to use proxy services has long ceased to exist for .nl registrations.”

The SIDN also points out that if a .nl name is registered in the name of a proxy service, it is often a domain name with malicious intentions and by prohibiting this, the SIDN wants to take further action against the misuse of domain names.
In addition, the SIDN also indicates that it is important that the correct owner details are indeed known to them, as only the actual owner can assert rights to the name.

The SIDN also acknowledges that there may be good reasons for temporarily not registering a domain name in the name of the actual owner. Suppose you want to start a new campaign and you don’t want this to leak before the campaign actually starts. The SIDN then offers the option of registering your domain name using the details of your registrar but without linking name servers to this name. The domain name will then get the status ‘inactive’ and will not be reachable.

The SIDN indicates that from 1 October 2023 all new .nl registrations will be actively monitored. If a .nl name is still registered in the name of a third party from that date, you will have 3 days to change it to the correct owner, whereby this owner will also have to prove his identity.

August 2023