With a domain name under the .country extension you can go in a lot of directions. Are you a fan of country music or are you crazy about line dancing? Is the country style your thing? Do you dream away in the countryside? Then a .country domain name is the perfect way to give your website that little bit extra and to ensure that everyone easily remembers your name.

However, the registry that manages the .country domain has announced a huge price increase. On September 27, 2023, their prices will become about 100 times more expensive.

Do you want to register a .country domain name? Then do it before September 27, 2023. All .country domain names registered before that date can also be extended afterwards at the current lower price and will not be hindered by this exuberant price increase. From September 27, 2023 you will have to pay a lot more for your .country domain name.


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