March 18, 2022


The situation in Ukraine moves everybody. DNSBelgium (.be registry) also wants to contribute.

For example, the quarantine period of all .be domain names with an owner in Ukraine, Russia or Belarus, 3 countries where people suffer from economic sanctions, will be extended from the usual 40 days to 1 year. Unfortunately, the registry cannot help with hosting problems, but that way they won’t lose their domain name in the first year.

In addition, Digital for Youth (one of DNSBelgium’s sustainability projects) will release an additional amount of €100,000 to support Ukrainian refugees in Belgium. Additional donations will be requested, both from public and private parties, and with this additional amount laptops will be collected and refurbished. Ukrainian refugees can gain access to education and language courses through these laptops. Hopefully this will also provide an opportunity to communicate with their family.