Since a few days anyone who wishes to do so can register a name under the .new extension. The general availability for this domain has started. However you still need to meet certain conditions if you wish to register a name under .new.

Domain names under .new must resolve to a page where the visitor of your website can immediately create something new (a blog, a document, a bank transfer,…). Exceptions are made for services that require a user to be logged in. A login page may be presented but the user needs to be able to create something new immediately after logging in. Users that are already logged in, need to be redirected to the creation flow right away.

After the sunrise and landrush of .new, during which a few 100 domain names were claimed, the .new extension is now open to the wide public. So if you want to offer your clients the opportunity to create something brand new, a .new domain name is the perfect way to get started.


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