We all know that DNS security is necessary these days. That is why DNSSEC was developed.
DNSSEC adds data integrity to the domain name system, to prevent forge false, altered or incomplete data.

To avoid the cracking of the DNSSEC protection, the security keys need to be changed periodically.
On January 1st 2020 the .sk-registry launches an automated system, called CDS-Scanning, that makes it easier for you to keep your domain name secure. Whether you’re adding new, non-existent records or you’re updating the existing DNSSEC-records of your domain name, this now all goes automatically.
If new records remain stable for 72 hours, the records are added to your DNSSEC-records and to your domain name. The updating and overwriting of existing keys will happen without additional requirements from your side.
The record scanning will be performed daily to avoid any data loss.
Please note this only applies if you are using your own name servers.

You as a domain holder don’t have to deal with anything, your domain name and website will continue to work the same way as before.

.sk is the third registry that offers this automated CDS-scanning. It follows .ch and .cz in this state-of-the-art technology.


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