A while ago we already informed you that NIC.ar (Argentina) considered to allow registrations under .ar directly. Well it looks like the decision has been made. Registrations under .ar are possible from now on. NIC.ar follows in the footsteps of for example Nominet (.uk-registry) which also liberalised registrations under .uk a while ago.

Until recently you could only register an Argentinian domain name under a so called third level domain (.com.ar, .net.ar,…). This will change now because of the release of the .ar extension.

The release will happen in phases:

– Sunrise: This phase will end on November 9th 2019. During the sunrise owners of a .com.ar or .net.ar domain which was registered before December 1st 2015 will be able to register the same name under the .ar extension. If multiple applications are received for the same name a lottery will determine who gets the domain name. The winner then has 2 days to pay for the domain name. If his/her payment hasn’t been received within 2 days, the next in line will get the domain name and will also have 2 days to make the payment.

– Landrush: This phase will start on November 25th 2019 and end on January 23rd 2020. During this phase anyone who wishes to do so can apply for a .ar domain name. The price for a .ar application will be higher than during the sunrise and a part of the amount you pay for such an application will also be non refundable. Whether you’ll get the name you apply for or not, you will loose a part of the amount you pay. If the registry receives multiple applications for the same name, the same lottery and payment system as during the sunrise will be applied.

– General availability: This phase will start on February 23rd 2020. From then on everyone who wishes to do so can register a name under .ar extension.


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