Afilias, the registry for .info, .bet, .pink,… introduces the registry lock for all 28 extensions they manage. This registry lock, not to be confused with the transfer lock, is an extra security that you can activate to protect your domain name.

The transfer lock, which is usually standard and free for all names registered under a generic extension (.com, .info, .hosting, …), ensures that someone else can’t transfer your name just like that. The current registrar must first unlock the name before the transfer can be started. This is possible at the simple request of the owner.

The registry lock offers more protection. If you activate a registry lock for your name, nothing can be changed about your domain name. You can’t transfer the name, you can’t change the contact details, the name servers can’t be updated, etc.
The moment the registry lock is activated, you also need to indicate who’s responsible for this domain name name. If you do want to change something about the name, one of the persons responsible for the domain name must send a request to the registry. The registry will then check whether the question is actually asked by one of persons responsible for this name. This verification is done both via mail and via phone. Once this verification has been completed, the requested change will be implemented.

After Verisign (the registry for .com, among other things), Afilias now also introduces this option. An annual fee is also attached to the activation of such a registry lock.


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