DNS-LU (.lu registry) reached 100,000 registered .lu domain names last week. A milestone for this extension.

DNS-LU registered the 100,000th .lu domain name 27 years after its launch in 1992. 100,000 registered .lu names may not seem that much but if you compare this with the number of inhabitants, 1 in 6 Luxembourgers has a .lu domain name, which is certainly not a bad result. It is similar to that of Germany (1: 5), the United Kingdom (1: 6) and Belgium (1: 7) and a lot better than those of France (1:20) and Spain (1:23).

Of these 100,000 registered .lu names, 97,000 are also effectively active. Moreover, DNS-LU can also rely on an annual growth of 3 to 4% and a renewal rate of no less than 89%. Domain names under the .lu domain are mainly popular with companies, as many as 75% of all .lu domain names were registered by a company. 50% of all .lu names were registered by companies from and residents of Luxembourg, followed by companies and individuals from France, Belgium and Germany. Most of these figures are very similar to those of Belgium.

DNS-LU has been working hard for a long time and now sees this hard work rewarding. In addition, DNS-LU is considering allowing 2 letter .lu registrations back during the first half of 2020, which will undoubtedly result in an increase in the number of .lu registrations.


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