The .ie registry decided to release three special domain names. These domaine were previously restricted because they match other top-level domain name extensions. The three domains are …, and The release is planned in several registration periods.

First there was the sunrise period. Only persons or companies owning a registered trademark could apply for these domain names. And one company also did and registered

The domain names and are now proceeding to the next phase. This is landrush and will run from 25 June 2019 until 25 July 2019. The domain names are now available to everyone that meets the restrictions set by the .ie registry. Mainly to proof economic bonds with Ireland. During this landrush period the domain names are available at premium prices.

If one of the domain name still is available for registration after this period, then registration will be possible at the normal registration price, starting 1 October 2019. Every interested party can now apply for this domain name, if you meet the .ie regulations.

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