EURid (.eu-registry) has announced that from October 19th 2019 onwards, it will be possible for all EU citizens to register a .eu domain name regardless of their residency.If you want to register a .eu domain name you need to have an address within the European Union. This will change from October 19th 2019 onwards. From then on every EU citizen will be able to register a .eu domain name whether he/she lives in Europe, the United States, Asia,…

EURid will not check the data at the time of registration. However, regular samples will still be kept during which the owner data of .eu names are checked. If this sample shows a .eu name of which the owner is a EU citizen living abroad the owner of this name will be asked to provide proof of his citizenship. If the proof isn’t provided within 2 weeks, the domain name will be suspended.

This proof can for instance by provided by sending a copy of the owner’s passport. EURid will also make sure to set up a special communication channel to handle this kind of confident information.

So if a EU citizen who lives abroad wants to register a .eu domain name, it will become possible but the name needs to be registered on his/her personal name. For instance if a EU citizen lives in China and the Chinese company where he works wishes to register a .eu name, this needs to be done on the personal name of the EU citizen.


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