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Thai registry allows .th registrations

The Thai registry has decided to allow registrations directly. Before you could only register domain names under and but that has changed and registrations under .th directly are also an option.

Each year the registry opens 3 registration periods in which .th domain names can be requested. The current period ends on 30 June, but later this year, 2 more periods will follow (in August and November, unfortunately the correct dates are currently unknown). All requests during these periods, will be grouped and validated during the first 7 days after closure of the registration period.

For this registration period, the validations will occur between 1 and 5 July and all validated domain names will be granted on 8 July. Between 8 July and 8 August there also is a dispute period. If anyone disagrees that this specific domain name was granted to that specific owner, he will be able to start a dispute, if he pays the dispute fee of 750 EUR.

This .th domain name is not cheap at all. The price consists of 2 parts. First there is a non-refundable fee of 375 EUR. If your request succeeds the validation, then a yearly registration fee of 3250 EUR needs to be settled. (All of the above mentioned prices are exclusive VAT.)

The prices indeed are high, but the registration prices are being used as donations for charity. Last year Net2Home and Bangkok Neutral Internet Exchange (BKNIX) were sponsored. Net2Home specialises in bringing the internet to local communities in remote areas in Thailand, where BKNIX develops and improves the Thai internet infrastructure.

To register a .th domain name, you must:

  • Have a registered Thai trademark and/or
  • Have a company in Thailand and/or
  • Being able to count on a Thai local contact person.

Do you want a domain name that attracts your Thai clients, but the .th domain name registration is a bit too expensive? A domain name registration under is also available! Do note that the same eligibility requirements apply as for .th.

Are these eligibility requirements too strict for you? Then register your domain name, using our local presence service, under  This extension is explicitly created for international companies that are active in Thailand.

June 2019