September 2017


The Irish registry IEDR is currently carrying out a public consultation asking if it should loosen its registration rules or not. Currently, in order to register a .ie domain name, you need to proof a link with Ireland and to have a claim on the domain name you want to register. This claim can be a registered trade mark or a company name, which are easy to verify. But it could just as well be something more vague like a type of service you plan to offer in the future. The new plan would be to still require proof of a bond with Ireland, but if you can proof such an Irish link, then you may register any .ie domain name.

Without anybody noticing, the .cd-registry recently became an abandoned ghost registry adrift. For many years, the registry was run by one person who originated from Congo, but is now employed by a South-African university. According to contacts with the Congolese government, they wanted to bring back the management of the .cd domain space to within Congo and the South-African administrator left the ship abandoned before a take-over could be arranged.