At the end of August the Swedish registry ISS (.se registry) will take over the .nu registry. All registered names as well as all new registrations, transfers, redelegations,… will be managed by IIS from then on.

Since such a take-over requires quite some work the entire .nu system will be closed between August 30rd 2013 and September 2nd 2013. On August 30rd at 8pm the system will be closed, on September 20nd at 8am everything should be completed and the system will reopen. After this takeover nothing changes for the owner of already registered .nu names. The names will also keep functioning the entire time. Owners of registered names can always contact their proper registrar if they have any questions or problems.

From August 30rd 2013 until September 20d 2013 the system will be unavailable for everyone. During those days it won’t be possible to register new names or to make any changes at already registered names. It will be possible to renew .nu names which expire between August 30rd 2013 and September 20d 2013 on September 2nd and 3rd. Of course owners may also always already renew their name before August 30rd.

Moreover the registry also asks domain owners to act in a timely manner. For instance a transfer of a .nu name does take 5 days and must therefore be launched on time so it will be completed before August 26th in order to avoid disruptions.  Between August 28th and September 2nd it wpn’t be possible to update the nameservers of .nu names or make any redelagations to .nu-names.

As from September 2nd everything will become the way it was before although all names will be managed technically and administratively via the Swedish registry.


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