Jorge Mario Bergoglio, since March 13th 2013, the 266th pope and the first pope named Francis has been offered his first high profile tech gift, his own domain name.

In 2010 Chris Connors, a lawyer from Chicago, registered the domain name for just a few dollar. He said he did this because he hoped that cardinal Francis George of Chicago would be elected as the next pope and that he would chose the name Francis as a reference to Francis of Assisi who lived his life in service of the poor.

Last week the new pope was chosen. Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Buenos Aires and not Francis George of Chicago became the new pope but he did choose Francis as his pope name. Chris Connors now wants to give the domain name to the new pope for free. In order to do so he already contacted the Chicago Archdiocese and left a message at the Holy Name Cathedral telling that if the new pope wants the domain name, he’ll give this name to the new pope for free.

‘In those times of social media such a domain name might be very useful and maybe he’ll use it,’ Connors concludes.


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