Currently Nominet (.uk registry) is holding a survey among its registrars to determine how much interest there is for the implementation of the .uk domain. Nominet manages the registrations under the, and domain but is now considering to offer the possibility to register domain names directly under .uk.

The survey which the registry currently holds under its registrars will end on January 7, 2013. Via this survey the registry is checking whether the registrars agree local presence will be required for a .uk registration, if DNSSEC needs to be an obligation or an option for such registration and how the registry must deal with malware.

Further it also checks how the registry should manage the release of this domain. Should there be a sunrise and a landrush or should the first come, first served rule apply immediately? Important to know is that people who already have a name under the., or domain, can simply maintain their name and will not be required to register this name directly under .uk.

After 7 January the registry will take a look at all the answers and on this basis they’ll elaborate a further policy for .uk registrations. Currently it seems that registrations under the .uk domain will become possible anywat but there will be stricter conditions for such registrations.


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