May 2012


istock_000013706710xsmallThe registry of Panama is holding an unannounced sunrise for second level domain name registrations under .pa. Until now, only registrations under subdomains like or where possible. While not officially announced on the registries website yet, we have received confirmation that a sunrise procedure for direct registrations under .pa has started. Any holder of a domain name registered before January 31’th 2012 may register the same domain name directly under .pa. Sunrise requests for a domain name in Panama directly under .pa can already be made via this link.

istock_000005822073xsmallDuring the course of 2011, the .fr-registry (AFNIC) applied some new rules to their registrars. This meant every existing .fr-registrar had to re-apply to be able to remain a registrar and had to go through some tests and verifications in order to remain officially accredited by the registry. The dead-line for this was actually begin 2012, but some registrars still haven’t completed their accreditation tests or simply choose to terminate their registrarship.