June 2010


From now on, bNamed also offers you the possibility to register an Iraqi domain name under the domain. In order to register a domain name under this extension, you need to meet certain conditions:

– You need to have an in Iraq registered trademark which is the same or resembles your company name or the name you want to register
– You need to have a local representative in Iraq. If you don’t have such representative, we can help you with this
– A registration of a name also requires paperwork which needs to be legalised via the Iraqi or Jordan consulate

During the ICANN meeting, which was held in Brussels this week, a decision was made yesterday regarding the .xxx extension. ICANN has agreed with the use of this domain. Up until now, there always was sufficient resistance against the release of this extension. An application was already filed 3 times, the application was always turned down.

ICM Registry will be responsible for the registrations of the .xxx domain names. ICANN now still needs to check if ICM will be able to do so technically and financially. If appears so, the domain can be available within 6 months. The extension is mainly wanted by people in the porn industry. Already 110.000 have been reserved. ICM itself counts on a million registrations. According to statistics of MBA Online there are approximately 25 million porn sites online.

Of course, erotic sites won’t be obligated to use the .xxx extension. The porn industry feared some time that this would happen and that all existing sites would be forced to use the .xxx domain.

On July 5th 2010, the .ee domain name will be liberalised. Up until now, the rules to register a .ee domain name are very strict. Only local companies can register a .ee domain name. As from July 5th those restrictions will be lifted. So from then on, everyone who wishes to do so can register a domain name under the .ee extension. Like that, everyone gets the chance to protect his/her trademark or domain name under this extension. bNamed now accepts pre-registrations for the release of this extension.

Yesterday, on June 21st, the landrush for the Colombian extension (.co domain) has started. This landrush will end on July 13th. During this landrush, everyone who wishes to do so, can register a domain name under the .co extension. All applications will be treated by the registry. If, on July 13th, there are several applications for 1 domain name, this domain name will be sold during an auction. Only the people who filed an application for this domain name can participate in the auction.

The Colombian already mentioned that the .co domain name is very wanted by cybersquatters since it can easily be confused with the .com extension, it only differs one letter. So don’t wait too long to pre-register the domain name of you want.

On July 1st 2010, the Portuguese registry ( introduces a stricter policy for the registration of .pt domain names. Right now, your .pt domain name needs to be the same as your company name or as your in Portugal registered trademark. On July 1st, the rules become stricter regarding a registration based on a trademark.

You’ll still need a trademark registered in Portugal. Your application for the trademark needs to be completed and your name should be active. Moreover only word marks (text) will be accepted. Mixed brands (text + image / logo) will no longer be accepted as a basis for registration of a .pt domain name.

On June 9th 2010 EURid (.eu registry) will implement DNSSEC. This will happen in 2 phases. Firstly DNSSEC will be implemented in the registration system. This implementation will take 2 hours and will be executed tomorrow morning between 4am and 6am. During those 2 hours the system of EURid will be offline. However current .eu-names will remain active. So if you already have an active .eu-name, this name will keep functionning.

At 6am EURid will start the implementation of DNSSEC in their nameservers. This implementation will probably take all day. This means that new registrations and changes which are requested on June 9th during the day won’t be loaded into the .eu-zonefile immediately. So the changes will be shown in the Whois-information but technically the changes will be executed at the end of the business day. Already active .eu names will also remain active during the implementation of DNSSEC in the nameservers.