April 2010


On June 15th Telnic (.tel registry) starts with the registration of .tel IDN names. IDN names are names which contain special characters. From then on, it will be possible to register .tel names which contain Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Polish, Icelandic, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese characters.

Attention: Applications for .tel IDN domain names will be treated on a first come, first served basis. There will be no sunrise or landrush. Owners of a registered trademark won’t have the chance to be the first register their name under this extension. So don’t wait any longer to pre-register your name.

Furthermore, the same restrictions apply for this extension as for a regular .tel name. You can’t link a website to those domain names, only a page which contains all your contact information.

The international sunrise for the Colombian .co extension starts today. This sunrise will end on June 10th. During this period, everyone who has a registered trademark can register this trademark under the .co extension as long as your trademark was registered and was in full force and effect on or before July 30th 2008. To give everbody a chance to protect his/her trademark, the registry has simplified the registration procedure. For instance: notarized paperwork isn’t needed any longer and local presence isn’t required anymore. So you don’t need to have a local Colombian contact anymore to be able to register a Colombian domain name.

The Colombian registry also asks to take into account that the .co extension only differs one letter for the .com domain which makes this extension very wanted by cybersquatters. So the best thing for you to do, is to make sure your trademark is registered under this new extension.

The sunrise period will be followed by a landrush, which starts on June 21st. On July 20th, this domain will become available to everyone.

AFNIC (.fr registry) has slightly relaxed the rules for the registration of a .fr domain name. Until now, everyone who wished to register a name under the .fr extension, was required to have an address in France. This rule has now changed slightly. From now on, individuals who live abroad but have the French citizenship don’t need an address in France anymore in order to register a .fr name. They can file an application to register a .fr with an address outside France but they must be able to prove that they are a French citizen. AFNIC will ask for a copy of their passport.

AFNIC also further reported that their intention  to further liberalize the .fr domain within 2 years. According to the latest reports, the .fr extension should be available to everyone in 2012 since it would from then on no longer be required to have a French address to register a .fr domain name.

Today Restena (.lu registry) starts the landrush of .lu IDN domain names. Everyone who wishes to do so, can register a .lu IDN domain name. Applications will be handled on a first come, first served basis.

The release of .lu IDN names already started on February 1st. The release begun with a sunrise-period. This phase ended yesterday. During the sunrise very strict restrictions applied in order to register a .lu IDN name. The domain names eligible during the sunrise period were those derived from an existing domain name by replacing one or more characters with the same base character with a diacritic, or by applying the general replacement convention (e.g. ü=ue). An IDN also needed to be registered to the same holder (same name, same address) as the similar domain name.